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Guest Post by huunuu: Are You Ready for a Crucial Conversation?

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This guest blog post is written by Cherry Williams from huunuu, an online resource for documenting the important things in life, so you can share the legacy you want to leave behind. From planning a funeral as individual as you are, to creating the ultimate bucket list and engaging friends to put it into action, huunuu's message is 'when it comes to dying, live a little'. 

 At huunuu we believe that everyone should be able to have conversations around death and dying, no matter what stage of life they are at. We also think it’s pretty important to share the information with loved ones, be that advanced care planning, funeral plans or bucket list ideas.

Whilst our website allows for the planning and sharing of ideas, we’ve also recently introduced the first of our card games – all designed to get people having those sometimes tricky conversations. We wanted to be able to share our passion with as many people as possible and the card game is another (we think!) rather fabulous tool to enable that.

Our aim is to support people in living the life they want to lead and in leaving behind a legacy that truly reflects them.

huunuu crucial conversations card game


The Crucial Conversations Card Game

Our game is a gentle and fun way of exploring topics surrounding death, whilst also finding out a little more about the people we are playing with.

Quite often, talking about death isn’t top of anyone’s list of fun things to do! But our game seems to bridge the gap. We’ve witnessed moments of mirth and joy, alongside plenty of giggles along the way. You will leave the game knowing a little bit more about those that you’ve played with, be a little more curious and hopefully have an idea about how you want to be remembered and plans that you may need to put into place.


During Dying Matters Week, the lovely folks at Healthwatch Essex were so taken with the game that they recorded people playing it. The results are uplifting and, as you’ll see full of giggles. Take a look at Sharon and Sam playing...


Random Acts of Kindness

We believe that there should be more kindness in the world, life can be difficult and it’s good to sometimes step back and do something nice. We’ve added wildcards into the game, which allow people to carry on with our ethos of sharing and making the world a little brighter, after the game has been played. They are little things that we hope everyone can do, like reconnecting with a loved one, or making someone else a cup of tea. It’s the small things that often are the important things.

crucial conversations wildcards


Thank you to Cherry from huunuu for introducing us to the Crucial Conversations card game - we can't wait to gather friends around the table and play it!

Fancy having a go yourself? You can find out more about the Crucial Conversations card game here...

If you’d like to start creating a plan for your life and death, you can do it on the huunuu website here (best of all it's free!)...

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