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Our Top 5 Products For Creating a Memorable Funeral

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Our Top 5 Funeral Products

At Angel & Dove, we are extremely mindful that when planning a funeral, families are often short on time and the last thing they want to be doing is shopping around. So in this blog post we’ve curated a list of 5 of our most popular items for creating a beautiful, meaningful and memorable funeral or celebration of life.

1. Capture Precious Memories in a Condolence Book

A memory or condolence book is the perfect way to encourage guests to share memories at a funeral or celebration of life. Long after the funeral is over, family members will enjoy reading messages and personal stories that they perhaps hadn’t heard before or had forgotten. Our hard backed Luxury Memory Books come in two sizes (A4 and A5) and two colours (ivory and black) along with coordinating signage to create a beautiful focal point where friends and family can gather.

Angel & Dove Funeral Memory Book

2. Create a Calm Atmosphere with a Fragranced Candle

There’s something about candlelight that creates a calm and reflective atmosphere which can add a real sense of comfort at a funeral service. With its warm, comforting vanilla fragrance, our signature ‘In Loving Memory’ Remembrance Candle is perfect for placing on a memory table at a funeral, and with its luxury gift box it also makes a thoughtful sympathy gift. A 30 hour burn time means it will last well beyond the day of the funeral, and can be lit for quiet reflection on anniversaries or other special occasions. The smaller Votive Candle makes a thoughtful favour for guests to take home and light in memory of your loved one.

Angel & Dove Funeral Remembrance Candle

3. Decorate a Venue with Remembrance Balloons

If you want to add a splash of colour to a venue, look no further than our popular Funeral Remembrance Balloons. Featuring the heartfelt message 'You are Loved, You are Missed, You are Remembered', our biodegradable latex balloons are a beautifully simple and affordable way to add a personal touch to a funeral or celebration of life. Tie them to pews or chairs to line the aisle at a crematorium, use them in bunches to decorate a memory table, or combine with fresh flowers to create a beautiful table centrepiece at a wake. Our remembrance balloons are available in a choice of 10 colours (including a rainbow mix) so you can easily create a bespoke look to compliment your chosen colour scheme.

Angel & Dove Remembrance Balloons

4. Offer Guests a Small Favour or Gift to Take Home

Favours aren’t just for weddings - our beautiful Forget-Me-Not Seed Packet Favours make a thoughtful gift to hand out to funeral guests to take home and plant in memory of a loved one. You can display favours in a basket on a memory table, place them on chairs or pews, or even fix them inside an order of service. Our seed packet funeral favours come either pre-filled with seeds or empty for you to fill yourself. Our customers tell us that these charming favours always bring a smile to guests’ faces, even on the saddest of days.

Angel & Dove Forget Me Not Seed Funeral Favours

5. Pewter Acorn Pocket Charm

As well as making a funeral memorable for guests, it's a lovely idea to do something thoughtful for the family who have gone to so much trouble to organise the funeral. As a guest, it can be hard to know what to give to someone who has lost a loved one, especially if they have requested no flowers at the service. A small gift speaks volumes and is a lovely way to show you are thinking about them. Our gift-boxed Pewter Acorn Pocket Charm offering ‘a symbol of strength to help you through the days ahead’ is the perfect keepsake, being small enough to tuck inside a pocket or handbag for gentle reassurance as needed. Needless to say, it has become one of our most loved items.

Angel & Dove Pewter Acorn Sympathy Gift

There are so many ways to make a funeral memorable. Whether you're planning to create a memory table where friends can gather and share stories, looking for decorative items to add a personal touch to a venue, or in search of the perfect sympathy gift for a bereaved friend, we offer a selection of thoughtful items to help make any funeral or celebration of life a very special day to remember.

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