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Growing Memories... Plant a Living Memorial to Remember a Loved One

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Plant a living memorial

As the tree buds burst into leaf and the bluebells carpet forest floors, the eternal renewal of nature awakens something special in all of us.

It’s a gentle reminder that wildlife has the power to inspire and lift us, so it's no wonder that many people turn to the great outdoors when they are grieving.

There are so many ways to harness the healing power of nature to help us through times of difficulty and nurture memories of those we’ve loved. Planting flowers, plants and trees to create something living in their memory can both comfort and uplift, creating a legacy that will last for many years.

Here are a few of our favourite ways to sow the seeds of remembrance, recovery and renewal, or to find the perfect nature-inspired memorial or bereavement gift.

Planting a living memorial is a wonderful way to remember a loved one, so why not encourage others to do the same? You could offer guests a packet of Forget-Me-Not Seeds as a funeral favour to take home and plant in memory of a loved one, creating a beautiful and long-lasting memorial which will bloom every spring and summer.

Forget Me Not

Planting a memorial tree with cremation ashes is a lovely way to remember someone, but unfortunately ashes tend to have a high salt content and PH level which can be hazardous to plants. However, there is a way to make it possible. The Living Urn Bio Urn memorial tree planting system comes with a plantable biodegradable urn and a neutralising agent for the ashes, and can be used with any tree.

Alternatively, The Living Urn’s Wooden Eco Burial Urn allows you to bury the ashes deep in the soil, and then you can plant a tree or plant nearby to mark the spot where you have placed it.

The Living Urn Eco Burial Urn

You could remember a keen cook or gardener with an edible fruit tree. Whether you plant an apple or cherry tree in their memory, or a rosemary bush which is traditionally associated with remembrance, your tree can be a living testament to the person you loved.

You can research the species of tree or plant to understand its symbolism, or you can just leap in and plant something personal to your own memories, an olive tree for sun worshippers perhaps or even a juniper bush for someone partial to a G&T.

Plant some wildflower seeds and you’ll soon have a patch of land buzzing with life, teeming with butterflies and bees, and constantly renewing itself as testament to indomitable spirit of nature. Take a look at our Wildflower Seed Packet Envelopes which you can fill with your own choice of seeds. After the death of someone close, creating a peaceful space in their memory where wildlife can thrive and roam free can feel both symbolic and comforting.

Imagine helping to grow a great oak that will survive and thrive for generations to come, or contributing to a forest of giant sequoia trees that will enhance the wider environment for the future.

There are many different ways to dedicate a tree, from making a small contribution through a charity like the National Trust to support the urgent planting of more woodland in the UK, to putting a loved one's name to an entire tree. You can choose a species of tree and get a certificate when you contribute a tree to the National Forest, a new area of woodland which is steadily growing in the Midlands. Planting a giant sequoia tree with One Life, One Tree will offset an entire lifetime of carbon emissions and the tree can be visited and enjoyed for generations to come.

Plant a Memorial Tree

Make a memorial garden from a corner of your own outside space as somewhere to sit, reflect and remember. Make it as personal as you like. Maybe you could include cuttings or plants transplanted from the garden of the person who has died.

It could be filled with flowers that blossom around the time of your loved one’s birthday or anniversary. It may contain a tree that will grow and provide shade on sunny days for years to come. With somewhere to sit, it can be a place of reflection that grows and flourishes as the years go on.

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